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Book Launch!

After a late night of editing and finalizing formatting, I’m proud to announce the release of my first e-book, Blogging Is Sexy: Ten Steps to Exceptional Online Writing.

To download your copy, enter your email address below:

While I could write a bunch about how great this book is, I think I’ll just give you an excerpt from the Introduction:

I read a lot of blog posts about online writing. There’s plenty of info on how to write clickable headlines, how to gain exposure through social media, and how to customize your Word Press theme ad infinitum.

But I see very little about writing…online. Very little about the craft of putting words together so that they mean something and then posting them online. I’m not saying that the medium doesn’t matter. The medium matters very much, and much of this guide discusses the specific challenges of writing online as opposed to writing for print. Nonetheless, I want this book to be just as much about sound writing practices, practices often neglected in favor of creating shareable content as quickly as possible. If you want to create writing that means something, speaks to an audience, and will get people to pay attention and stick around, this is the book for you.

What This Book Is Not

1. A book about making money online. I’m still trying to figure that out myself and am certainly not qualified to advise you on it. Hopefully one day…
2. A book about how to become an Internet celebrity or grow a super-popular blog to thousands of readers. Again, I’ll tell you when/if I get there…
3. Another “How-To” book. Despite the title, this book does not present an orderly process after which you will become an amazing, successful writer. I think you’ll be a better writer if you follow the advice I’ve given here, but none of this advice guarantees dramatic success, at least in the short-term. I chose the “Steps” organization because it was shorter than “Lessons” and sounded less stupid than “Tips.”

How to Use This Book

As the title implies, this book is divided into ten steps/sections. While the chapters occasionally refer to each other, feel free to read them in any order. They’re meant to stand alone, and most had their genesis as blog posts or newsletters anyway. The order also does not designate importance, although if you read no other chapter please read Chapter 1. I do think it’s the most important and least-followed piece of advice I give here.

Each chapter also ends with a summary and an “Action Item,” a concrete suggestion of something you can “try at home.” If nothing else, read and follow the action items to get the best concrete results.

If that piques your interest, you can download the book by entering your email address below:

If you are so kind as to download a copy, I’d love to hear what you think. Send your comments, questions, and corrections to ransom@grammarissexy.net or leave a comment below. You can also Tweet them to me @RansomPatterson if that’s more your style.

Thank you for reading, and don’t worry, next Monday I’ll be back with my regular sort of post. I’m planning to break down what we can learn about online writing from the blog Brain Pickings.

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