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Grammar Is Sexy

Writing Book

Most bloggers suffer from one of two problems:


  1. They don’t know what to say (or to whom they should say it).
  2. They have a message, but they don’t know how to say it. They feel inarticulate or dissatisfied with their writing.

If you fit in the second category, this book is for you. 

Too much online writing stands out in the wrong wayYou don’t want to be known for your vague phrasing, poor grammar, spelling errors, and general incoherence. No! You want to be known for your unique, exceptional message.

To get this message across to your readers, though, you need exceptional writing.

To help you out, I’ve written Blogging Is Sexy: Ten Steps to Exceptional Online Writing, a free e-book that covers what I’ve learned in the process of writing for Grammar Is Sexy and other blogs such as College Info Geek and Listen Money Matters.

Don’t let ordinary writing keep you from expressing your exceptional message.

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