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Grammar Is Sexy’s First E-book!

I have exciting news! In less than two months, Grammar Is Sexy’s first e-book will launch, and it will be completely free! All you have to do is sign up for the Grammar Is Sexy email list, and you’ll receive a copy of the book in your inbox by Monday, April 13. I plan to be done sooner, but April 13 is my absolute due date. If you’ve already subscribed, you will of course receive the book, and the sooner you sign up, the more you’ll know about the book before I release it.

So what is the super-secret book about? Quite simply, it will explain (in ten actionable steps) how to take your writing from average to excellent. Of course, the book will include some grammar tips and fun illustrations, but there will also be many tips related to writing and revision.

In anticipation of this, the next month’s posts will cover a variety of essential writing tips. Consider these posts a preview of what you will see in the book.

Today’s essential tip is this: Make your writing simple.

Not simplistic, but simple. Simple writing is concise, clear, and elegant. It is unpretentious, never showing off just for its own sake. When you write simply, you put your prose at the service of the larger cause of your writing, the very reason you even bothered to put words on the page.

Simple writing solves a whole host of other problems such as awkward sentence structure, redundancy, and wordiness. If you ever find you’re stuck, just remember: simplicity is key.

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