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What to Do When You Fall off the Wagon

Despite my best intentions, despite plenty of planning, I’ve fallen off the wagon.

Not the the AA wagon or the diet wagon, don’t worry. I’ve fallen off the wagon of writing regularly. I have reasons (or excuses, call them what you like). I spent the past couple weeks traveling to Michigan, Florida, and Georgia, visiting family and friends and getting some much-needed rest.

I told myself that of course I would have time to catch up on writing when I got back, but it’s been almost a week now. I’m still not back in the routine. And so it is that I write this post on the day I’m supposed to send it to you.

This got me thinking about what to do when we fall out of our routines. I gave myself a break from writing while I was traveling, and I do feel refreshed, but I spent the past week dreading this post. I played the same mind game that I always do. I told myself it was easy, that I could do it whenever I wanted…just not yet. Later.

But later comes sooner than you’d like.

The only answer, I guess, is to do it. To put your fingers back on the keyboard and write.

Deadlines help, of course. If I hadn’t committed to posting a new article every Monday and sending a new email every Friday, I could fall off the wagon forever. I don’t want that–I love writing, and I love bringing my writing to you, my readers. That wouldn’t be possible without a schedule.

In sum: put deadlines in place and commit in advance so that you have no choice but to stick to your goals.

After that, you just have to do it.

P.S. This video can be a good motivator as well.

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