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11 Things William Zinsser Taught Me about Writing

Ever read a book and think, “Yes! Yes! YES!!! Where has this been all my life?”

I had that experience recently when I read On Writing Well by William Zinsser. Whereas many of the other books on my Resources page cover grammar, On Writing Well covers, well, writing.

The book’s subtitle is “The Classic Guide to Writing Nonfiction,” and after reading it, I have to agree. On Writing Well is the best guide I’ve yet read to the kind of writing people have to do every day. Zinsser touches on all topics, all genres, and all occasions of nonfiction.

Whether you want to start a successful blog, record your family history, or just write better emails, this book has your needs covered.

To give you a taste of the knowledge inside the book, here’s an infographic of the top eleven things I learned from it. Feel free to share it around on the social network of your choice. 🙂


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